Enjoy New Years’ Eve at Tamada! Fireworks and lots of fun at midnight!

Georgian Feast Dinner £65 per person.

  • Guy & Sophie 07 Jun 2015
    We had our wedding reception at Tamada. All the way from the beginning the staff and management made the process easy and pleasant. On the day the service was attentive and friendly to the last. The food was excellent, and they even cleared space for us to dance! All in all we can't recommend them enough, very welcoming and professional.
    wedding reception/party
  • Dare 22 Nov 2012
    Very homely and excellent environment. Great food and the service was also great. I had the Kuchmachi and chkmeruli and I havent been that satisfied in months. Good Job by the management
  • Subal Charla 21 Nov 2012
    Tamada has fantastic hospitality, which was displayed by its manager, who personally took our coats and jackets down to the basement for storage. But that's not all, the food is authentic Georgian and...
  • Mr Cooke 27 Jun 2012
    Superb cooking; fresh ingredients. Delicious food, beautifully cooked. Perfect.
  • Daniel Rochester 28 Jan 2012
    My wife and I eat out regularly, and reckon Tamada is our restaurant of the year for 2011 - the best meal we had. We ate at Tamada to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary, and from now on plan to ma...
  • Norris MacDonald 23 Jan 2012
    I've tried all the Georgian restaurants in London over the years, but you put all the others to shame. Superb food - you really are a masterchef!
  • Nathan Bunce 23 Jan 2012
    If you have a jaded palate,are tired of all the usual places you eat at, and if you are looking for something different, then this is the place for you. Food cooked with love and a truly unique culnar...
  • Michael Berman London 06 Dec 2011
    Colchis in Hereford Road has an Italian chef. Tamada has a Georgian chef. If you want a genuine taste of Georgia, this is the place to visit!
  • George Amsterdam 28 Nov 2011
    I can't say enough about your quaint Georgian Restaurant! The reasonable prices, and great atmosphere are only topped by the delicious food. Thank you!

Georgian Restaurant "Tamada" serving authentic Caucasus cuisine in London

and offers wines from the Cradle of wine making.